About Us


The Financial Clearing Bureau (FCB) is Zimbabwe's leading credit clearing and reference bureau. FCB was formed in 1988 since which it has serviced the financial services sector's credit clearing and referencing needs in Zimbabwe. FCB membership is open to all types of credit providers as well as public and private sector companies that have need of vetting customers, business partners, agents or staff.

FCB has the largest database and processes more searches every day than any bureau in Zimbabwe. The FCB database comprises millions of records of information on individuals and companies. FCB data does include negative records regarding bad debts, civil judgments and criminal records. However, the vast majority of records in the FCB database are positive in nature and, as such a key enabler of economic empowerment.

FCB's web-based search and reporting facility, available 24x7, offers users instant access to search on individuals and companies with both positive and negative reports, including a statistical score, delivered to the desk-top. This dramatically reduces operational costs, improves turnaround times, supports the decision making process and helps manage risk. FCB currently has some 50 subscriber institutions including, but not limited to; banks, microfinance institutions (MFIs), Savings & Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOS, mobile network operators (MNOs), utilities companies, retailers, and other trade credit providers. In 2014 processed over 1.5 million searches from its members, either via the web-based facility or using batch files.