Policies and Procedure

  • Banking Act 2015
  • Credit Reference Bureau Association of Zimbabwe (CRBAZ): Code of Conduct
  • FCB Internal policies and procedures
    • Data collection (clients, courts, etc.)
    • Data maintenance (new records, amended records, etc.)
    • Data confidentiality (clients, consumers, etc.)
    • Clearance advisory (consumer protection)
    • Business continuity (off-site back-ups, disaster recovery plans, software upgrades, etc.)
    • End-user vetting (ZFCA membership criteria, etc.
Our Database

The Financial Clearing Bureau (FCB) is Zimbabwe's leading and credit clearing and reference bureau. FCB was formed in 1988 and since then, it has serviced the financial services sector's credit clearing and referencing needs in Zimbabwe. FCB membership is open to all types of credit providers as well as public and private sector companies that have need of vetting customers, business partners, agents or staff. Since March 2017 FCB is regulated by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe under the Banking Act of 2015.