Bureau Services

The Bureau offers searching services to all wishing access to information on corporate and individuals. This information can be used for credit appraisal, risk management, employment verification and credit worthiness.

To get a report, the Bureau offers:

Tenant Vetting

This service allows landlords to get an informative credit report and credit score on their tenants or aspiring home seekers. Being a property owner comes with risks of non-payment and property mismanagement.

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Web Portal Searching

This is an online service giving you 24 hour access to credit reports on both individuals and companies. Reports are generated within seconds upon making an enquiry, showing the FCB status, FCB score, Credit history, Applications and Financial exposures.

API Searching

Giving direct access to FCB servers for your core systems. With this service one does not need to logon to the FCB web portal to get a credit report, but instead a query is derived from our client’s core systems (Loan origination systems or HR systems) on creation of the account. A report is then generated form FCB and sent back to the user showing FCB score, FCB status, Credit history, last known addresses, as well as exposures. This is done in real time.

Portfolio Monitoring

Allows FCB to monitor your portfolio on your behalf and report any activity positive or negative, with regards to clients on your portfolio. Such information aids in early detection of potential nonperformance thereby helping our clients put in place mechanisms and strategies to ensure the book performs. This product is driven by the ethos, “First to know, Fast to act”.

Public Searching

FCB gives access to members of the public to their credit reports, not only does this align FCB with best international credit bureau practices, it also gives members of the public the opportunity to scrutinize, challenge and correct information on their credit report.

Business Intelligence Reports

This is thorough report on corporates, showing:

  • Shareholding structure.
  • Director information and their standard FCB reports.
  • FCB company report.
  • Company credit history, with information for the credit registry.
  • Financials for the last 5 years.
  • Financial analysis of the financials.
  • Trade reference reports on trade debtors and creditors.

Batch Searching (Portfolio Scrubbing)

This service allows for the searching of batches, which essentially will enable voluminous searching to be done without the honourous task of inputting this on the web portal. Batch searching has a huge discount.