The Financial Clearing Bureau was formed in 1990 and services the banking sector in Zimbabwe with its credit protection needs. Commercial and Industrial companies, offering credit terms to their customers, may also join the Bureau. Credit protection has been available in Zimbabwe for a long time and is undertaken by two more prominent organizations, both of which operate on a highly professional basis.

The services offered vary from one credit protector to the other, but commonly, these bureaux have associated tracing and debt collecting agencies to assist their clients. What separates the Financial Clearing Bureau from the rest is the interactive nature of its service to clients and the fast nature of response to credit worthiness enquiries.

The bureau offers to accept your enquiries through its internet based systems. Electronic enquiries are actioned automatically (24 hours a day) to ensure that clients of bureau subscribers may be processed quickly and efficiently (and here we are talking within minutes), giving you the service provider or shop keeper an efficient face in handling credit applicants.

The Financial Clearing Bureau is not only interested in civil defaulters. We have been at pains to obtain intelligence pertaining to criminal defaulters, mainly for falsitas crimes, successfully prosecuted through the courts. This gives our clients the added advantage of being able to route out potential criminals intent upon attacking our clients businesses before they can get a foot in the door.

We might add that the Financial Clearing Bureau is the official conduit for the banking and financial sector for its credit protection. We have a sizeable database comprising over 500 000 names of company and individual defaulters. We do not believe any other bureau in Zimbabwe has access to the intelligence available to the Financial Clearing Bureau. The Financial Clearing Bureau is handling well over 1000 enquiries per day of which some 25% result in positive traces on potential clients.



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