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Why should you join? +

FCB subscribers enjoy access to the largest database of information regarding individuals and companies of any bureau in Zimbabwe. We believe that businesses need comprehensive and timely intelligence on individuals and companies they deal with. FCB should be used for vetting of all potential new relationships as well as for regular periodic reviews of existing relationships, including; customers, business partners, agents and employees.

How does the system work? +

FCB subscribers become members of an association that was created in 1991 with the sole purpose of credit related information sharing. Once you are a member of this "club", FCB will act as the custodian of information on your bad debtors and make this available to other members of the association, should they require it. In addition, FCB will also continue to collect intelligence which is in the public domain and which may assist clients from time to time, such as civil judgements and criminal records. Searches are typically submitted via the FCB web-based search and reporting facility, which is available 24x7. Searches are responded to instantly with either "positive" or "negative" reports, depending upon the status of the individual or company being searched, delivered direct to the desktop of the subscriber. The subscriber is then able to make a better informed decision as to how and whether to do business with the subject of the search. FCB subscribers are required to conform to confidentiality and data protection clauses, which have historically protected FCB and members of the association from claims against them.

How do you join? +

Firstly, be sure that you have understood what FCB provides as a service and that membership of the association is appropriate and relevant to you. If necessary, this can be done by contacting FCB using the form below and arranging a meeting with one of our staff. Once you have satisfied yourself of the value in joining and subscribing then you will be asked to sign the standard FCB contract and make payment of the required fees to the Zimbabwe Financial Clearing Association (ZFCA) and FCB. Searches are charged based on volumes of searches made and the usage fees are billed monthly accordingly.

If you are not vetting your customers, business partners, agents and, in some cases, staff, before contracting with them and regularly during the lifetime of the relationship, then you may already be exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. We suggest that you contact us and arrange an interview with one of our staff at your earliest convenience to discuss how FCB can help mitigate those risks. Please note that certain fields indicated '**' are mandatory and must be completed for the forms to be accepted. Download the application form and fill it in and send it to